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Top Tips When Switching to Raw Dog Food

Wean them Slowly

A dog needs to be weaned slowly on to a fresh, high meat protein diet: 5% one day mixed into their normal food, 10% the next etc. We have always advised to move over slowly and we are not seeing any hiccups. And start with a product you know he’s going to like, usually something chicken or seed based (as most dry foods are based on these proteins).

Do not feed big lumps

Dice the food up small or mince , to guarantee easy passage.

Don’t start on rich food

Such as fatty minced beef or organ meats, as they can contain a lot of rich nutrients (high iron, for example). It is better to start on the white meats.

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My dog has long nails what should I do?


If a dog’s nails become too overgrown they can start growing into the skin. This is painful and can cause infection. Clipping is better than filing. It’s important not to cut too high up the nail or you risk cutting the ‘quick’ – the blood vessel and nerve which run through the middle of the nail. You can see the quick in pale nails, but not in black nails, so they need careful trimming a bit at a time. Ask our staff to show you how it’s done with a good pair of clippers.


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When should I worm my dog?


Most puppies are born with worms, which is why puppies should be wormed at 2, 4, 6, 8 and 12 weeks of age, and then every three months for life with an all-wormer. Pregnant and nursing mothers should also be treated during mating, before the birth of their puppies, and every three months.

Worming treatments are easy and effective to use, but it is important to read the label, as you may need to use multiple products to protect your puppy against all types of worms. Heavy worm infestations in puppies should be repeated 10 days after the initial dose is administered. If you’re having problems administering your puppy’s treatment, ask your veterinarian for a demonstration during your next vet consult.



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Why is my dog losing hair?


There are many possible causes – but one of the most common is fleas. Some people think that fleas only live in dirty houses. Wrong. Fleas will breed and thrive in almost any home with central heating. The solution is stop fleas with safe, effective treatments when problems arise. Ask our staff for an effective product they can also destroy flea eggs

You’ll need to treat your dog, other dogs and cats in your home and your home itself – especially your dog’s sleeping and resting areas. Other causes of the fur loss, such as mites, infection or allergies can be identified by your vet.


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Should my female dog have a litter before she is spayed?


No. There’s no benefit to your female dog, and by delaying getting her spayed you increase her risk of uterus infection or getting breast cancer.


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Should I get my dog vaccinated?


Yes. Dog vaccination protects your dog against various diseases which can cause pain, distress and are often fatal. By vaccinating your dog you have peace of mind, knowing that you have provided protection. As well as safeguarding your own pet, it also prevents diseases from being passed onto other animals.


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My dog has bad breath what can I do to stop this.


This is the result of dental disease which is common in dogs. So brush your dog’s teeth regularly with doggy toothpaste. If your dog has tartar on his teeth, this has to be removed first and can be done with an ultrasonic tooth brush that will break up the plaque by high frequency vibration.


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Will my dog put on weight after being neutered?


Dogs should only have the amount of calories they need. If they have more they will put on weight. It is true that a dog’s metabolic rate can drop after neutering. So you either need to reduce their calories or increase their exercise. Ask our staff  for advice on suitable diets.


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How do I stop my dog from pulling hard on the lead?


You should visit our dog training sessions to learn the correct way to train your dog to heel on the correct lead. Persistent pulling can be corrected by a special dog lead called a Halti training lead which prevents the dog from pulling ahead.


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How can I stop my dog being sick in the car?


Getting your dog used to the vehicle is key here. When your car is parked safely and there’s no risk to you or your pet, let your dog play in it. Maybe then feed it some treats there and take it on a short journey followed by a short walk. When traveling, make sure your dog is in a doggy seat belt. Some dogs like to look out of the window, but this can cause sickness in others. You could give calming pheromones – talk to our veterinary assistant to see if they may help your dog.


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